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Creating a truly great tube-based guitar amplifier that stands out in the current marketplace requires knowledge, on-going research, and dedication. From circuit design, speaker selection, cabinet design, and a myriad of details, to merging those fundamentals into an amplifier created at the pinnacle of technology. All this while ultimately preserving what is valued and loved about classic tube amplifiers.

Not everybody owns a rare, vintage classic tube amplifier, or a legacy boutique amplifier, such as a Dumble O.D. S. But everybody loves the sound produced by one. At Soundroads Amplification we meet the needs and expectations of the consumer who truly appreciates tube amplification and the untarnished analog warmth associated with it. A tapestry of sounds that is only achieved through quality workmanship, engineering, and components. Our amplifiers will take you on a journey through the exploration of sound. Come journey with us.


Soundroads amplifiers are expertly built from the ground up in San Diego, CA, with quality materials and components sourced from reliable vendors who understand tube amplifier requirements. Unlike mass produced amplifiers, re-issued designs, or signature models, Soundroads amplifiers are hand wired with an adaptation of new proven electrical design features, as well as traditional point-to-point wiring techniques, striking the perfect balance between today and yesterday. They contain upgraded wire gauging for grounding and heavy current circuit paths, such as heaters and main power handling. The power return ground circuit architecture is of a floating type found in higher end hi-fidelity amplifiers. This reduces noise and makes for a great recording amplifier, as well as for performing. Power handling resistors are either quality wire-wound or high temperature flame resistant metal oxide type. Screen resistors are oversized high-wattage and are flame resistant metal oxide. Capacitors are Mallory or Sprague Orange Drop. Electrolytic power capacitors are upgraded, for quiet operation, and are superior compared to what is typically found in the industry.

The component board is made from glass fiber resin. Standard speakers are typically Celestion or Weber. Standard cabinets are Tweed or Tolex. We also create custom cabinets and some custom tone modifications. Name brand transformers and speaker combinations are available by request.

Most of the 5E3 amp styles come with a true speaker impedance switch, either 4 ohm or 8 ohm selectable. Each amplifier is individually custom biased based off its unique electrical characteristics. You won’t find this feature in your typical commercial or mass produced production environments because of cost.

Sound Road amplifiers are robust, high quality equipment that are roadworthy and will last for decades. All of our amplifiers are 100% guaranteed to be free of defects. Our amps are returnable with a 100% refund if you’re not completely satisfied. Certain conditions apply.



Since I was very young, I’ve been curious about and fascinated with electronics and what made things work. My mom says I took apart the TV at the age of two and laid all the parts out to inspect. I’ve been working with electronic and electrical systems since I was a teenager and I received outstanding achievement awards in electronics while in school. I eventually made electronics my career and ended up working in the recording industry in Los Angeles. As part of a team, I worked creating recording studios and home studios. I got to work with some well-known celebrities too—Barry White, Johnny Carson, Rona Barrett, Ray Bradberry, to name a few. They all demanded and expected only the best. From that point, I built my own business as an electrician specializing in home theatres and recording studios. Along the way I also honed my skills as a finish carpenter—another love of mine. But I never lost sight of my core interests which are electronics, music, playing guitar, and searching for that perfect sound. I believe it’s the combination of my skills, interests, and principled dedication to perfection that enable me to be a great amplifier builder. I’ve spent my career as a general contractor in Southern California building and remodeling homes. I’m fortunate now to have the time to pursue this passion to build amplifiers. I hope you’ll try out a Soundsroads amplifier soon.