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Acoustic guitars in recent years have been a popular choice of music enthusiasts. Subsequently, there’s been a rise in the demand for acoustic guitar amplifiers for improved music output. The benefits that an acoustic guitar amp such as the stageright amps offer, allow the guitar players to explore the true potential of their gear.

The acoustic guitar amps are either used onstage or to make the most out of the soundscapes created through the reverb effect. The increasing popularity has pushed many beginner guitar enthusiasts to look for different acoustic guitar amps. The amps allow them to take advantage of their acoustic guitar’s capabilities.

When picking a compatible acoustic guitar amp, there are several factors one should consider. The factors might include the preset effects, mic input, portability, feedback reduction, volume, and sound production. Each element makes a huge difference in the final sound of a particular effect or a tone.

Do you love to play around with your guitar but cannot decide which guitar amp is the best for you? There’s no need to worry. We have got you covered.

This blog will shed light upon the best picks for amplifying the capabilities of your guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar Amplifiers

Fender Acoustasonic 150

The Fender Acoustasonic 150 is the perfect tool for anyone looking for an amp with immense power. This amp is a complete powerhouse. It houses almost everything one needs to empower their guitar. The Fender Acoustasonic 150 has power, aesthetics, integrated effects, “voicing” control to simulate a jumbo guitar, dreadnought or parlor, and an amp simulator. It doesn’t end here. It also offers a USB input option to fulfill the digital recording needs. Acoustasonic 150’s remarkable quality and durability are an ode to the iconic past of the Fender.

Laney A1 +

Laney A1 + comes with enough power to let you experience the true potential of your guitar setup. The 80W acoustic amp comes with an 8-inch speaker along with a tweeter. It houses two identical channels with a crisp tone and an anti-feedback filter. The dedicated inputs allow the player to test the limits with a mic or an instrument with each channel. The handy combination also features a distinguished set of features, including headphone output, input signal, and effect loop.

AER Compact 60 III BK

It’s safe to say that the AER Compact 60 III BK is one of the best guitar amplifiers. This amp’s distinct features make it stand out. Apart from the unique features, the compact form factor has added tremendous value. In addition, the sound quality and transparency it offers have made it the uncrowned king of acoustic amps. One of the stand-out features of this amp is the integrated effects that unlock many opportunities for the guitar players.

Furthermore, the dual-channel powerhouse comes with a unique set of input options. It includes a guitar, effects loop, microphone, tuner inputs, and various outputs such as headphones and line.  The AER Compact is nothing but a holy grail for acoustic guitar players.

Fishman Loudbox Artist Pro

As the name suggests, the Fishman Loudbox Artist Pro is the perfect choice for professional acoustic guitar players. It is everything that a guitar player needs to create their dream tones and effects. The Loudbox Pro is 120W of sheer power, allowing the maestros to take full advantage of their gear. It also houses all the necessary outputs and inputs, apart from the crystal clear sound quality. It offers output for both channels along an effects section and an equalizer. The Fishman Loudbox Artist Pro amp is incredible because of its power and affordable price.

Marshall AS100D

One factor that makes the Marshall AS100D a perfect acoustic amp is its ability to produce accurate sound quality. It comes with 8 channels and two tweeters to achieve precise sound production. Channel 1-3 is responsible for instruments and mics, whereas channel 4 is for the aux input. It also offers different control options that are essential for manipulating and producing various sound effects.

Blackstar Sonnet 120

With 120W of power, the Blackstar Sonnet is the epitome of excellent sound quality. The multichannel acoustic amp aims to enhance the original sound of an acoustic guitar. The four reverbs are a key feature that can make any guitar enthusiast fall in love. In addition, the Bluetooth connectivity does justice to the amp, making it a suitable modern powerhouse.


With the increasing popularity of guitars, the acoustic guitar amps’ market is on a rise. The multichannel options have provided enthusiasts a chance to explore the limits of their instruments. The advantage of acoustic amps is the versatile price range that offers people numerous choices.

The fame of boutique guitar amps has enabled the players to seek customization in an amp. Many guitar boutiques worldwide are capable of producing clones of some of the legendary guitar amps ever to exist. Today, you can get a clone for every popular guitar amp, including the Legacy Guitar Amplifiers.

There are guitar amp boutiques capable of personalizing the Legacy Cloned Guitar Amplifiers according to your needs. You can get personalized cabinets, circuitry, and design to meet your requirements. The price range for different customizations might vary depending on the guitar boutique.

Are you looking for a Tube Power Amp clone? If yes, Soundroads Amplifications is the right place for you. The guitar boutique offers countless customization options to match your needs. You can get hand-wired amplifiers that recreate the legendary effects and tones similar to the iconic tube amps. Get in touch today and get the custom-made amplifiers for your electric and acoustic guitars in San Diego.

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